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VAPE Workshop

Yesterday 11 youth with POSSE came together to brainstorm violence prevention awareness education materials, including harm reduction strategies if people are experiencing Domestic Violence and/or Intimate Partner Violence.

Violence Awareness Prevention Education...VAPE.

We explored: -what makes a safe space -green healthy signs in a relationship - yellow warning, caution in a relationship, slow down, observe more, communicate, set boundaries - red, stop, danger warning - what is trust - what are boundaries -what is controlling behaviour -who is responsible for their feelings, emotions and behaviour....always. -what is consent -what behaviours and beliefs uphold toxic masculinity -what is pro charge -duty to report -harm reduction strategies -safety tips

We now have a youth who is volunteering to design a booklet and social media messages. Stay tuned...for the finished work.

It's an incredible group of youth who will give up a beautiful Saturday to discuss these hard topics for the care of others.

Thank you to Sexual Violence Prevention Innovation Fund, NS DCS, for supporting this project, in partnership with the Family Resource Centre of West Hants


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