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It's 8 am on Saturday

I'm barely out of bed. The sun is shining and the day is beautiful. Or at least for most.

I already have two messages from youth seeking shelter and safety. A total of three people need a place to stay.

I made referrals to the resources that are available. Discussed the need for safety planning and the options.

I have plans for today with friends, plans that involved making a commitment. Plans that support my self care and time with partner. Yet, I'm in the car on route, wondering about these folks and their well-being. Struggling with the reality that I can't help more at the moment.

Crisis isn't ever convenient. And we require more resources to respond to them.

I will touch base with them later to see if they connected to the supports I referred them to with any success.

I recognize people are incredibly resilient and yet, should we have to be? Should resiliency be reward for a lack of basic human needs, such as housing? Or Freedom from violence?

Is acknowledging resiliency a way to alleviate systemic responsibility?

In Peace and Friendship,



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