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who, what, when and why

Where: Outreach happens in Acton and Oakville on Tuesday nights, Georgetown and Burlington on Wednesday nights, and Milton and Bronte on Thursday nights.

When:  Outreach begins June 1st to the end of September from 7-10 pm, when school is in session, and 8-11 pm during summer break.

Who: Two youth outreach workers, one youth volunteer and one POSSE staff walk the streets in each town.

What: Youth distribute condoms and information educating youth about safer sex and harm reduction and as means to “break the ice” and develop positive youth connections.

Our aim is to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and overdose along with assisting youth in positive decision making. We do this by providing safer drug kits, referrals, support and accompaniments to shelter or other emergency services.  Outreach is a means of meeting youth where they are at and offering them non-judgmental information and support. Our safer drug use kits provide harm reduction information and drug education to youth who are contemplating using or are already using substances. These kits also act as an early intervention tool allowing youth to talk about their drug use with someone other than their friends. 

Facilitation Training – 4 weeks of facilitation training for the 6 youth that have completed peer outreach training, and street level outreach. These six youth assist facilitating the next session of training, co-chair collaborative meetings, writing minutes.

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